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peacemaker equity

about Peacemaker equity

Faster, less formal and more cost effective than a public court.

What makes peacemaker Equity unique?

The mediation, arbitration and private equity court process through Peacemaker Equity is faster, less formal and more cost effective than using the public systems and Courts. The Public Courts can be very expensive and tend to favour those who can afford the lengthy trials and have the best legal representation and very rarely deliver justice or equity.

Public legal representation such as a lawyer, solicitor or barrister is not recognised within the Peacemaker Equity organisation. It is strongly discouraged to have a lawyer or barrister within the Peacemaker Equity Arbitration process. Our rules have been designed to be an open book, straightforward and simple.

Our Arbitration process is much easier and less intimidating than using the public systems. Our Arbitration team will not use intentionally ambiguous language such as legalese or hidden definitions.

Our rules are designed to be simple, fair and based on the principles of Equity as found in the Bible.