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peacemaker equity

frequently asked questions

Please search the FAQ's below for some common questions and answers. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I just do mediation with Peacemaker Equity?

Mediation can be provided without arbitration if requested.

Is an arbitrators say final?

An arbitrators say is binding, however after the decision is passed down by the arbitrators there remains an appeal process to a jury of 12.

Can I get assistance from Peacemaker Equity with the arbitration process?

Peacemaker Equity do their very best to assist people step by step so they can confidently execute and finalise the arbitration process.

How long does the arbitration process usually take?

The timing of the arbitration process differs from case to case. Generally, the mediation process will be conducted within the initial 30-day negotiation period. After that the arbitration process can commence.

Can I take my dispute to a public court if I don’t agree with the outcome?

There is no option within the Peacemaker Equity arbitration process for taking a dispute to a public court, as the final decision from the arbitrator is binding. The Peacemaker Equity Clause states you have agreed to waive your rights to sue or litigate in a public court. If you are not happy with a decision made by the arbitrators, you can appeal their decision to a jury of 12.

How do I become an Arbitrator?

Potential arbitrators must complete the Arbitration in Equity course found here.
Upon completion, potential arbitrators will be interviewed and assessed by the Peacemaker Equity Leadership Team before they can participate in any official capacity.

Who can become an arbitrator?

Anyone who holds to the Peacemaker Equity core values and who has completed the Arbitration in Equity course can become an arbitrator.

By completing the course does this mean I can start working?

Once you have completed the Arbitration in Equity course, and have been interviewed and assessed by the Peacemaker Equity Leadership Team, you will then be added to a rotating roster. Only suitable and competent candidates will be offered the ability to become a mediator or arbitrator.

How much do I get paid?

Payment ranges between $40-$60 per hour for mediation,arbitration and a jury trial. 

Do I need to be local?

Arbitration in most cases is conducted online and locality isnot a major concern for the arbitration process.